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What else
we will 
find in
The JOYFUL City?

The Joyful City is diversity and so is its offering!


For this reason we have included a series of complementary developments and experiences to make The Joyful City the most Sustainable, Fun and Happiest place in the world

  • The Joyful City´s Infrastructure: Clean Energy Plants, EcoPark, Water Treatment Plants, Sustainable Agriculture, etc.


  • Sustainable Housing Development

  • Complementary Smart Hotels

  • E-Formula Circuit

  • Riding Center, stables and therapies with horses

  • Funny Beekeeping Center

  • Universities, Hospitals, Schools, Cultural Centers

  • Aerospace Center

  • World Anti-Aging Agency

  • The Youth's City

  • The Golden City (Smart Seniors Houses)

  • The School for Transformation and Personal Growth

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I Love this project, I want to be part of it!

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