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What are we going
to find in Enerland?

ENERLAND is not only a theme park nor a Smart City nor a natural park, It is an integrated concept that use fun and smart thinking to educate, raise awareness, rescue human values, promote changes, and offer real solutions applying technology, and developing new ways of acting for the benefit of all, in happiness

1. A modern theme and adventure park with 5 worlds linked to the 5 continents, the 5 nature elements and to the Energy Heroes


All of them generating, cleanly, all energy that they consume and more to be used by the rounding city

2. A huge open site, equipped with modern facilities for Renewable Energies & Sustainability, Education, Culture, Technology, Innovative Projects, Health, Well Being & Antiaging, Biotechnology, Sports, Smart Industry development, Aerospace, IT, Cinema, Multimedia & Games, among other 

3. An Intelligent City, oriented to the happiness of the people, equipped with green buildings, intelligent spaces and sustainable infrastructure

4. A safe and visionary Smart City with the greatest technological advances, and technological showcase; introducing new lines of economic and social thought (Economy of Happiness), at the service of mankind

5. An observatory for Climate Change in permanent communication with other observatories of the world, in order to constantly warn of environmental imbalances and provide solutions worldwide

A huge open site, equipped with modern facilities, including:

  • A natural park and a specialized institute for the preservation of species under extinction, including a Virtual ZOO with virtual and augmented reality, as well as animatronics that will show the life of already extinguished animals.


  • An educational institution and open technological park for innovative projects and technology-based startups, related to the life preservation, climate change and aerospace advances.


  • An Observatory Station to explore our amazing universe.​​


  • A High-Tech Theatre for all kind of shows, including opera and ballet that can be used as a modern business and convention center.

  • A great complex for Sport, Health Care, and Well-being.


  • A wonderful Theme Mall for fun and to go shopping in a different and smart way.​​

  • Smarts Hotels (7, 5 & 4 stars).

  • Amazing Fairs for children and Playgrounds.


  • Smart Nurseries.


  • Energy, water and waste treatment plants (ECOPARK).

  • Sustainable Mobility. Electrical and Hydrogen vehicles, SunBik™: Electrical Bicycles, photovoltaic recharge points, among others.

  • Facilities to guarantee Food Sovereignty.

ENERLAND was designed as an Intelligent, Proactive and Sustainable Territory, oriented to the people in perfect harmony with nature. It will be equipped with green buildings and houses, intelligent spaces and sustainable infrastructures.

Open spaces to enjoy the nature and the stars, where people will share unimaginable experiences and adventures. Camping for families and companies training.

A multicultural and open site designed without any architectural barriers to enable all visitors to fully enjoy and interact with everything that occurs there.


And much more ... 

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I Love this project, I want to be part of it!

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