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Why The JOYFUL City?

The JOYFUL City is a place without complexes, that teaches its people and visitors to be happy. A pioneer site in the ultimate technology, and its application in favor of the people


In short, a place facing God, with a complete new purpose capable of teaching others that it is possible to be great and achieve permanent happiness, firstable, if you love yourselve and secondly, if we all work together with love for ourselves and for all human beings and species on the planet 

The main value proposition we can offer to the world, is that through our city, love for the all living beings on the planet can be rescued

A world with values, and human beings willing to give the best of themselves for the planet and its people, especially for our children and youth


A world with equality and without differences, where coexistence, in peace and without prejudice, is possible

Other benefits ...


Economic and Social Development. Unique opportunity to position the country as the first region in the world to implement a different and intercontinental model of human sustainable development, where technology and progress are at the service of the happiness of the citizen. Consolidation of the region as a global tourist destination in favor of Sustainability, Equality, Fraternity, and Happiness


Improvement of the standard of living of its inhabitants, through the integral education and personal growth with values, promoting the recruitment of new talents. Special attention to children and youth, but without forgetting the older people with a gold talent


More than 85,000 new employments and the implementation of a new model for social and economic development, based on The Economy of Happiness.  Distribution and reinvestment of social and economic benefits in the region


Attraction of foreign and local investment


Technological Development and the conversion of the region into an open living lab, but with fun. New human capital that will favor the promotion of entrepreneurial and startup projects, the specialization of services and the implementation of new technologies to export to the world.


Industrial and business development. Attraction of new qualified companies for the region, consolidating the region as an International Business Platform into the frame of The Economy of Happiness and the achievement of the UN-SDG


Creation of a business network of excellence and a value chain for fair trade in tourism, energy, services, culture, sports, health, cinema, fishing, agriculture, livestock and specialized industry


Reactivation of construction, acceleration of the process of modernization and rehabilitation of the sustainable infrastructure in the whole region


Increment of bilateral relationships with other countries and multilateral organizations


Pioneer region implementing the "Wellness & Happiness Index (WHI)", and the first one worldwide to include "SDG-18: Happiness" in all its actuations

A vision that will change the world!

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I Love this project, I want to be part of it!

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