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Creator and author of The JOYFUL City and ENERLAND, The Power of Fun

"The Land of Happiness & Energy" 


Hello, it is a pleasure for me to have you here! being part of "The JOYFUL City" and its amazing theme park “ENERLAND, The Power of Fun” or also known as “The Land of Happiness & Energy”. The JOYFUL City is defined as a magic place, where love and energy play an important role on life and its preservation. A place from our magnificent universe, where the four basic nature elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water conjured altogether to form a fifth element called: The Essence. A place where all individuals, who are a part of this magnificent site, share their love and positive energy among themselves, making them grow more and more, each time, providing a mutual benefit, while at the same time maintaining a perfect equilibrium.

This is precisely the essence of The JOYFUL City and ENERLAND, to give people the power of transformation and the continuity of life for happiness, through the adequate use of shared energy, love, the resources of the planet and at the same time, having fun doing it. Our heroes, led by Alondra, are being called to make this transformation on Earth, thriving by one objective: prevailing the existence of human beings and all the species of the world in harmony, for the centuries to come.

This integral concept of ENERLAND is complemented by its own slogan “The power of fun” and by using it, we can make the changes we all want, starting at the base of our society: children and youth.

Education and awareness of our children and young people will make this change possible. Since, they will be the spokesmen and will encourage adults to be pro-active participants, on this worldwide campaign in order to save the world from us.

ENERLAND, is a story of adventures, which will be told in a funny and entertained way through books, movies, music, games and any other cultural expression of our society, in order to everyone, without any discrimination, could and will enjoy the essence of nature and its energy.

But this is not all, ENERLAND by THE UNIVERSAL COUNCIL mandate, will be soon a place that we could visit, enjoy and share our life's experiences, adventures and stories. A tourist destination, supplied with the highest technology available and new ones to be discovered, to be capable to preserve our environment and be able to generate its own energy to consume and share it with others. I am talking about the complex and the land where it will be built, a place to learn,  have fun by transforming the energy, 100% green sustainable in terms of energy, water, wind and earth; renewable energies applied to buildings, attractions, recycling and taking advantage of natural resources, will play a very important part in present and future generations to come.

It only left me to say that, through The JOYFUL City, ENERLAND and its Energy Heroes, will mobilize the world´s awareness, so you as a person and as our leading star in this story, you will be able to decide and fight for your future.

So, in the name of this magnificent group of people that support us and on my own, starting right now, I kindly invite you to be a part of this great transformation, so all the humankind could benefit from it.

Manuel Rojas Saume

About him...

Born in Venezuela but of Spanish citizenship, he currently lives in Tenerife, Canary Islands. He works as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Proyectos e Innovaciones Consultech (Alondra) and its related companies; with headquarter in Canaries, Spain, where it is focused on the implementation of Intelligent, Proactive and Sustainable Territories (TIPS), into the frame of The Economy of Happiness and the achievement of the UN-SDG.

As a reference, some if his academics accomplishments are:

  • Master Degree and doctor equivalent in Europe (Honoris Causa) in Engineering business in the fields of Finance and Organizational Development from Simon Bolivar University of Venezuela (1989).


  • Computer Engineering from Simon Bolivar University of Venezuela (1984).


  • Professor of Graduate School in the Metropolitan University of Caracas on the chair of Budget and Financial Controls, tutor to several projects and grade treaty in several universities such as: University of La Laguna (Tenerife, Spain), Universidad Metropolitana (Venezuela), Universidad Central de Venezuela and Universidad Simón Rodríguez (Venezuela).


  • He has completed his academic training with several professional specialization courses and seminars in the fields of human resources, management, organization and systems, sales and marketing, renewable energy, sustainability and education, among others, both national and abroad.


Accomplished several scientific and technologic publications among which are: “The Sustainability in Cities”; “Green Buildings”; “RIE: Smart Grids for Alternative Energy (Smart Grids)”(2009 - 2012); “Assuring Capital Return for the Companies under a New Approach of Process Optimization”; “The Information Processes in the Company: A Business Approach”; “The Systems of the Company” (1995 - 2003); “The Proposal for the New Social Security, Salary and Social Installments Policy.”, discussed and approved by the Tripartite Commission set apart by the President of the Republic of Venezuela (1997) – Participated as member of the Presidential Commission for the entire process, among other.

01 Our Partners

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02 Our Collaborators

Our team of yesterday, today and forever


  • Keith Roberston - Theme Park Consultant

  • Luis Víctor Villalobos - USA General Consultant

  • Diego Navarro - Musical Composer

  • Pepe Valladares - Brand Design

  • José Manuel Sabina - ESESE Architects

  • Lumi González - Architectural Design

  • Carlos Legna - Economic Consultant

  • Eduardo Gutiérrez - Economic and Environmental Consultant

  • Carlos Blanco - Finance

  • Ernesto Gutiérrez - Finance

  • Musanaph Anwar - Finance

  • Juan Carlos Gómez - Finance

  • Andrea Rojas - Accounting and Taxation

  • Eva Diez - Marketing and Communication

  • Paula Tamarit - Marketing and Communication

  • Carlos Roca - Marketing and Communication

  • Eliza Stefan - Engineering and Renewable Energies

  • Miguel Miranda - Graphic Design

  • Luis Miguel Pérez - Graphic Design

  • Javier Vega - Graphic Design

  • Tomás Martín Luis - Lawyer

  • Carmen García - Human Resources Strategy

  • Eduardo Palomar - Human Resources Strategy

  • Jorge Iván Pérez - Human Resources Strategy

  • Zakiyah Al Qaydi - External Consultant for MENA Region

  • Seba Al Jhune - External Consultant for MENA Region


Institutional Collaborators:


  • Institute of Foreign Trade of Spain - ICEX

  • Foreign Promotion Office of the Government of the Canary Islands - PROEXCA

  • Canary Islands Agency for Research, Innovation and Information Society - ACIISI

And to all the employees and external collaborators of Alondra who have contributed to its design and promotion.



03 Our Promotors


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