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We want to enlighten the world and bring hope and happiness to humanity!




  • The JOYFUL City promotes and develop actions that guarantee the perpetual live of all living beings of our planet in harmony and fraternity through adequate and responsible use of resources and positive shared energy.

  • Our visitors and residents are the main reason to be. Because, we are depending on them for our success.   It is our aim to promote values and appeal to their awareness through magic, illusion, love, wellness, happiness, fraternity and fun, so they would be able to share experiences   and   through them  generate that “Change with Energy” that would allow us to start building the basis for a better world.


  • Through the “Power of Fun”, it is our deepest wish to educate and appeal to visitor´s consciousness to commit for a more leveled and sustainable environment.

  • As our fundamental principles, we support multicultural, equality, family integrity, children defence, freedom, fraternity and shared responsibility to incentive responsible work and the good use of nature´s elements in happiness.


  • The JOYFUL City strongly believes in knowledge integration, culture, sports, health, science, technology and the energy of the spirit as basic and fundamentals elements for the development of the Intelligence of Happiness, personal growth and direct action for society transformation.


  • The JOYFUL City shares its knowledge, technology, projects and specially its service to humanity under a brand new and revolutionary concept with a clear compromise to Corporate Social Responsibility and Cooperation for Sustainable Human Development.

  • We are committed to work together with our environment and surroundings. The JOYFUL City is an Intelligent, Sustainable and Pro-Active city, contrived to be a reference model to influence other cities and populations with a win-win approach involving all social agents in this project.

  • Our main assets  are our shareholders, the workers, suppliers and direct collaborators. We are committed to them to be an important part of constant overcoming, full of dynamics to face new challenges, vision of future and with the purpose to get tangible results that will benefit all of us.


  • The JOYFUL City is based on The Economy of Happiness, an economic model, oriented to create a common wellbeing, abundance and happiness. We understand that financial gain is a natural consequence of our actions. These financial gains will be reinvested back in the model. Therefore, honesty, internal and external transparency, together with our ethical conduct guidelines is an inalienable fundamental.


  • We are aware that cannot resolve all the world´s problems. However, we are committed to provide visitors with a comprehensive and total experience before, during and after their visit to The JOYFUL City and ENERLAND Theme Park. We hope to make an important personal impact on them; so they will feel like a truly “Energy Heroes”, and would share the learning experience with their environment and at the same time accomplished the desired change.

Manuel Rojas Saume

Logo parcial de Enerland

I Love this project, I want to be part of it!

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