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The Energy Heroes

Los Héroes de la Energía

The characters of ENERLAND, The Power of Fun and its history, have been created to reinforce the concept, achieve the objectives of education and awareness and, at the same time, complement the tourism offer of the park and the Smart City, for a complete experience

"The Energy Heroes", so called in our history, make up an invincible team that combine the powers that have been assigned to them by the “Supreme Universal Council” and those granted to them by the animals under extinction that have merged with them

Cascada de Baijí

BAIJÍ is an Asian monk who becomes the white dolphin of the Yangtze River, the last descendant of the Ching Dynasty.


Represents the element Water, the energy derived from it (hydraulic, tidal, wave) and the Asian continent. He is our good-natured, patient and profound hero, who dominates the martial arts. 

Baijí, Héroe de Asia.

The Water

Nombre de Baijí

KOORI, son of a princess descendant of the aboriginal tribes of Australia and an Irish immigrant, has the power to transform into a Koala Bear

The Fire

Represents the heat of the Fire and the continent of Oceania, being its source of thermal energy (geothermal, solar thermal, etc).


He is a restless adolescent surfer, he is passionate, loyal, adventurous and seductive, although somewhat boastful


YEPARD, son of the Supreme Chief of an emblematic African Tribe, becomes a cheetah, the fastest animal in the world and controls the forces of wind and air, converting its force into wind power

The Air

The softness of the air and the noise of the wind merge with the fierceness of the cheetah. He is a reflective hero, very clever, serious, creative and intuitive who senses danger from a distance and symbolizes Africa's unbowed freedom


The Earth

ILLARI, young daugther of a Quechua Queen, transforms into a turtle from Galapagos Islands, from which she obtains all her wisdom and experience, as the oldest animal on Earth

The energy that Illari is able to produce is obtained from all the elements that its earth element provides, as well as from the light it is able to capture through its shell, when she gets the animal form.


Biomass, Photovoltaic, Biogas, Biofuel, etc. It controls the power of the earth and the energy that comes from the light it reflects.


She is tenacious, observant and strong-willed. 

ALONDRA, is the fifth element:


The Essence - Europe


A beautiful and cheerful Spanish woman, from Andalusia. She represents the European continent and is capable of becoming the bird that carries the same name, the skylark.

She manages all energies simultaneously and is able to combine them according to the needs that the circumstances demand. Alondra is the main protagonist of our history.


In the form of a woman, cheerful and witty, or a bird with multiple powers, she personifies the essence of nature; and in defense of those natural assets, summons the rest of the heroes. 

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